Tax advice:
The inviting group company of Deutsche Telekom is responsible for the tax recording of any non-cash benefits associated with this invitation in accordance with §37b EStG (settled taxation by Deutsche Telekom). Therefore, the invitee does not have to fulfill any tax obligations in this respect.

Compliance note:
T-Systems respects the internal guidelines of its business partners regarding the acceptance of invitations and gifts. Therefore, please check in advance whether acceptance of this invitation (including hospitality) is compatible with the (compliance) requirements of your employer/employee that apply to you.

Your personal information will be collected and processed solely to process your registration for the event. Deutsche Telekom AG will handle your personal data in accordance with statutory provisions. For full information, see the detailed version of the General Data Protection Regulation.

You can grant consent for this processing here in this information field at any time, as well as withdraw previously granted consent. If you object, your data will be deleted from EventManager immediately, except for your first and last name, which will be retained until the end of the event, to document your confirmation. Upon conclusion of the event, this data will also be deleted. Therefore, please keep the e-mail or link to your registration.

If you register for the event via a public registration link, you will receive a confirmation email (DOI email) for identification of your email address. The personalized link in this DOI email is valid for 24 hours. Please confirm the link directly upon receipt so your registration data can be stored in full and to enable participation in the event.